The Duck Blind

A Journey Through Content Creation

I have been creating content for 10 years. What started as a passion for video editing to create skate videos of my friends and I evolved into an early Youtube Channel creating similar content in the EA Skate Series.

During the summer of 2017, I began live streaming to Twitch. This started as a way for me to keep a good friend, who traveled for work, including in our weekly gaming while he was away from home. Through streaming, he was able to stay connected and interact with the group, despite not being able to play with us.

Ultimately I discovered a passion for the interaction and community building aspects of live streaming and in February 2018, I transitioned my channel and my community to Mixer and began to hone my craft in order to build a channel and a community.

Once on Mixer, I joined with RobertMCatalano, Whiskey_Tango, Tool8er, SaltySteve, and Jaycrisbee to found the One Of Us Community. We created this community as an all-inclusive gaming community to bring people together to play games. The community has grown substantially since then and is now made up of over 1500 members.

As of July 2019, I moved back to Twitch in order to focus more on streaming destiny and SkaterXL content as well as expand the One Of Us Community to become a platform agnostic gaming community. 

My content is spread out across three main locations/mediums.


My livestream content on Twitch focuses on games I'm currently playing such as Destiny 2, Diablo, Forza, and more.

On Youtube, I continue to focus on Virtual skateboarding content as well as tutorials for anything from setting up streaming equipment to earning free currency on Mixer.

And finally, I host the One Of Us Community Podcast, where I put the focus on some of the amazing community members of the One Of US Community. Main episodes release weekly on Mondays and feature a select member of the community where we discuss Gaming, content creation, and life as well as answer a plethora of questions from Discord. Additionally, "Mini-Pods" are shorter form episodes where I record a solo episode where I discuss content creation, life advice, and any other topics I deem relevant.

So please use the drop down from the main menu to follow/subscribe at each location and join me on my journey through content creation.

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